This is an old story that I have told a few times over in other social media platforms. This happened in November 2010.

It started out as a regular trip to In-N-Out Burger (which is, by the way, delicious and one of the reasons why living in California is awesome… although I’m very very biased). My buddy and I needed dinner right before we were going to do a podcast for my beloved NBA siteThe No-Look Pass.

Now I didn’t exactly clean myself up for a quick food stop. I just threw on a t-shirt, jeans, and flip-flops. I didn’t exactly fix up my hair or anything like that. I looked like a bum.

Anyway, I was happy that we didn’t go through either drive-thru lane (I HATE drive-thrus but that’s another story). We decided to get our orders outside and wait.

While I was tweeting, a woman asked me a question…

WOMAN: “What number are you? I’m 77.”
ME: “I’m at number 65.”

I didn’t notice her at much first until I smelled her perfume. She smelled so good. I even tweeted… Oh, man. Girl that sat next to me smells real good. It’s Kobe time.

So I struck up a conversation with her and we started talking about… burgers. I nearly made a stupid joke when I asked her, “Did you ever have Five Guys?” I remember her with dirty blonde hair, a pretty face, and a slim figure. And all I could think about was, “Why did I not try to look decent today?!”

My friend and I got our orders so I had to go say bye to the pretty lady. She ended with an “Enjoy!” Then while in the car, I told my friend that I was stupid because I didn’t get her number. My friend told me, “Yes, Rey. You’ve gotten to the point where you’re trying to get girls at In-N-Out.”

While editing the podcast in the wee hours, I made a rant on Twitter that I figured only a few people would see.

Wow. After going through those tweets, I realized how terrible I really was.

Anyway, the story became popular overnight. I got tweets from a lot of my followers encouraging me to go get her. Even Daniel Artest (the brother of Ron Artest/Metta World Peace) was telling me to go after it. It was pretty hilarious.

Sadly, I never saw the girl again. It’s been nearly three years since that day and I still get messages/tweets about her. I feel like this is the fifth thing I’m most known for after Spice Girlsthe NBAboy bands, and Spice Girls.

Woof, baby.

4×4 love,