Stuart Scott Is A Legend… And Legends Never Die


I can’t stop crying.

Stuart Scott is gone. And it sucks. He died of cancer at the age of 49. That is such a young age. Stuart had so much more to offer to the sports world; he was a tremendous sportscaster that had a unique voice. But who I feel sorry the most for are his two daughters, who had just lost a father.

Stuart had such a different flavor in the mid-90s. When he was doing SportsCenter highlights, my brother and I would laugh at his sportscasting style. He was able to work in rap references (Public Enemy, LL Cool J, and Tag Team were regulars in his repertoire) and his catchphrases (as cool as the other side of the pillow). Yes, we would laugh at it but I secretly liked that he stood out. As a guy who is BIG on being unique and originality, I liked the swagger and attitude that Stuart brought to the game. He dared to be different yet he kept it professional the entire time. I never heard anything bad about Stuart Scott.

I never met Stuart Scott. But it feels like I’ve known him forever because he treated his viewers like his peers. I don’t think he realized what an influence he has been on this generation. He opened up a lot of doors for a lot of us trying to break into the sports world. He was unapologetic for who he was and he never changed for anybody. And if there was the one thing I took away from Stuart Scott, it was to continue to be myself. I didn’t realize it then but he has had a tremendous impact on my life.

I really admired that Stuart Scott kept fighting. He never seemed to lose his cool even when cancer was taking its toll on him. He kept living life the way he wanted to even when that damn cancer was in the way. I hate that cancer took Stuart away from us. But legends never truly die… and Stuart Scott is a legend.

Rest in peace, Stuart Scott. You’ve influenced a lot of us in the sports world. But most of all, you influenced a lot of us in life.


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