My neighbor, who I give rides to when I can to help out in errands, came over earlier in the morning.

NEIGHBOR: “Sorry about what happened to you.”
ME: “It’s okay.”
NEIGHBOR: “Anyway, you think you can give me a ride to…”
ME: “I just got in an accident. You know that, right? I’m not driving anywhere.”

Some people just don’t think, sometimes.

Sunday started out with a nice elliptical session. And thank goodness for sports. They distracted me for most of the day. I’ve been critical of the NFL as of late but I was glad to watch the first Sunday of the season. I also had alternative programming. The U.S. Open of Men’s Tennis was going on; Rafael Nadal won his 16th grand slam. And the WNBA Second Round was on as I watched the Washington Mystics and the Phoenix Mercury advance to the semifinals.

I feel like I can get back to The No-Look Pass pretty soon and start writing about the NBA again. I know some of you want some NBA content from me but, please, let me get through this ordeal before I can think about even doing anything else.

What I’m not ready for yet? Driving. Heck, I don’t even feel fully equipped to be on the road, period.

My friend picked me up so we can hang out for video games (because we’re 12), dinner, and sports/life talks. Just like in the old days, I’ll refer to him as Beerman. Anyway, Beerman told me that it’ll be okay as I sat in silence half the time. I closed my eyes for the most part during that three-mile trip. Isn’t that ridiculous? What’s so routine for 99 percent of the people is frightening to me. It’s just a three-mile trip. Beerman did his best by talking to me about Sunday’s sports.

We arrived at Nick‘s place (some of you may remember him as one of my co-podcasters from years ago). For the first time in a while, I felt relaxed. This was my first normal in what seemed like forever. I forgot about Tuesday’s events for that period. This was my good place.

Until we had to go to Wingstop for food. Again, the trip wasn’t very far but I was frozen once again. Obviously, the trip went well but this is what I have to deal with for the time being. After dinner, we chilled for about another hour before Beerman took me home.

I’m a guy who would rather drive than be a passenger. I apologized to Beerman for having him pick me up but he told me that it wasn’t a problem. He also told me not to force anything and to go by my own timetable and not anyone else’s. I felt relieved and thanked him.

I’m back to that tense feeling. But I know that being active (working out) helps me out. I’ll try to do it as much as I can without hurting my tricep, knee, and back further.

The road to my normal is difficult.

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