Man. Today was REALLY up and down.

I had a good mental therapy session earlier in the morning. I already knew it was going to be a tough go on Twitter because of that creature that’s supposedly running this country got itself involved with the sports world.

A lot of people kneeled and a lot of people locked hands in solidarity. Some people can say what they want. Some people would probably want more from others. But I basically thought that a statement was made from most and I think it’s only going to get stronger.

The WNBA Finals started today. The WNBA has been doing their statement before everyone (except for Colin Kaepernick, who started it all). And they sure made theirs. I tweeted it out.

My mentions killed me. And a few of that creature’s supporters surely went after that. Of course, it got to me because my gosh. They just don’t get it. It was a bit overwhelming. It was definitely one of my most retweeted and liked tweets, too.

I had planned to take a drive to the mall. But it was delayed because my nephew and nieces showed up. My three-year-old niece, Eden, was being her very charming self.

EDEN: “You want some chips?”
ME: “Okay.”

The canister only had one chip left.

ME: “There’s only one left.”
EDEN: “Never mind. It’s mine.”

She’s such a character.

So after they left, I took the drive to the mall. That drive was fine even though I was sweating. Then I doubled back and went to get some groceries. On the way to the grocery store, a car came out of the plaza, made his right turn, and pretty much cut me off. I don’t really have road rage, per se, but this one just came out.


I got a finger for my troubles. Then I just cackled to myself because when the hell did I ever use “jerkweed”? A minute later, Nickelback played on my iPod. I knew I was cursed.

Kidding. I have nothing against Nickelback even though it’s cool to hate on them. I mean, come on. Who willingly has Nickelback on their music device?

Then the next situation was really bad.

Across the street from the store was a block away where I had my accident nearly three weeks ago. Well, there was a huge accident on the other side. A huge crowd was around it and it stopped traffic. The back of the car was smashed and a motorcycle was down (I couldn’t tell if it was totaled). But there were about six or seven police cars in the scene. It was really bad.

And it felt like my heart stopped. I quickly parked and stopped to breathe. This was not what I wanted to see on my first day of a leisure drive. I probably took about ten minutes before I went in to get my groceries.

I came home and immediately did my meditation. It helped for a bit.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

I still feel tense. I wish I could end this entry with jerkweed or something Nickelback-related. But right now, I’m having yet another flashback. Ugh. This can’t keep going.

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