I figure I should lighten things up a bit because I had a scare earlier today.

Scene: 2000. At home and was about to leave with Beerman when the phone rang.

IDIOT: “Rey! Quick! It’s an emergency!”
ME: “What? What happened?” (I thought something happened with his kid.)
IDIOT: “It’s a Virtua Fighter emergency!”
ME: “Wait. What?!”
IDIOT: “I’m going to go get my PlayStation 2 back from the pawn shop and then go buy Virtua Fighter 4 after!”
ME: “No!”

I hung up. That was an emergency?!

Yeah. Okay.

Back to the present.

Scene: September 26, 2017. 10:40 AM. Was getting my usual physical therapy. I did a routine blood pressure check. I knew I wasn’t feeling good and I was feeling VERY tense.

NURSE: “160 over 101. Oh, my God. You can’t leave.”
ME: “What?”
NURSE: “We’re gonna have you stay here and see if it lowers. If it’s still high, we’re going to have to send you to the ER.”

I was sent to the couch and they put my feet up on the table. It was tough to relax when they basically tell you you have very dangerous blood pressure levels. I did my best to chill for an hour but quite frankly, it was tough.

An hour later…

NURSE: “166 over 104. You’re going to the ER. You’re at risk for a heart attack.”

THAT was an emergency. This isn’t over some stupid video game; I could suddenly die.

Level 2 hypertension. A few days after the accident, I was around 140 over 90, which was already high.

I have been documenting for the last three weeks about how my tense feelings have been up and down. And I guess it’s reached a peak today. I went to the ER and after another hour, the nurses there took my blood. It was down to 157 over 90 but that’s still pretty damn high. But at least, I was out of Level 2 hypertension.

I also did an EKG (heart) test, a nurse drew my blood (needles are fun), and was prescribed some high blood pressure medication. I guess for now, I’m out of the woods.

I just haven’t reacted well to stress. I’ll get back to my normal activity (as normal as it can get) but it was definitely a scare. And I wanted to finish and put up some hoop articles today (last week), too.

Right now, though, there are a lot more important things than that.

Life. Please cherish it.

Love you all.


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  1. I realize “hang tough” doesn’t really help much, but I want to remind you that so many people love and care about you. Things will get better even though right now it must not seem that way.

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