It Was a Good Weekend

I’m just here wearing a heat pad on my back. I’m still a long way from where I want to be.

I also feel I’m a long way from where I was in October.

It’s becoming more and more evident that the heart attack I suffered was more of a shock on my body. It doesn’t mean that it didn’t affect me, though, because it definitely did. Remember that my body felt weak for a good amount of time after that happened.

It also doesn’t mean that I should be careless. I still have to eat right. I still have to lose weight. And you should never mess around with heart attacks.

Still, if the two previous heart tests were any indication, the third one should be okay. My heart rhythm test is on the 18th, a week before Christmas. I should follow up shortly thereafter then go from there. My goal is to be able to start fresh in 2018 even though I know my other issues will go deep into that year. Or maybe for the rest of my life.

Driving still gives me pause. But I’ve handled it better on the surface streets. I still get freaked out when cars suddenly show up on my right side.

I did go through a little test on my driving recently, though.

Longtime good friends Anna Melissa and Angelica invited me out to their Christmas Party, which took place last Saturday. I had told them that I was “day to day.” Well, I made it out there but not before going through the freeway, which felt like a huge obstacle course.

I also noticed something while I was driving: I was blinking for minutes at a time. And I couldn’t stop it for a while. It was strange.

Anyway, I got to their place and it was just good to see people. I haven’t socialized much since the car accident three months ago so it was nice to have those interactions. Of course, if you guys know me, there were a few awkward and funny moments (I botched a hug/handshake and I ended up getting patted on the head) but, otherwise, I had a lot of fun. Shoutouts to Anna Melissa and Angelica for inviting me (and also for being in my corner since the start).

I also got together with some old friends throughout the weekend. It was nice catching up with old friend Alfred. It was also nice to chill with Nick and Beerman on Sunday.

I could say it was the best weekend I’ve had since the car accident. Lots of laughs were had.

The past couple of days have been up and down. Pain is constant but manageable. But really, I’m not a young buck and I’d probably still have some pains even if there was no car accident. I’m 40 next year so I REALLY have to take care of myself.

Still, I love that you guys continue to encourage me to get better. I appreciate you all.


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