Sooooo… it’s been a while since I updated about my health. I’m as okay as can be. Except for this cough. It’s super annoying. But everyone around me seems to have caught something.

I had my third and final heart test. Well, not “had.” More like “have.”

So I did the usual EKG and blood pressure tests. From all indications, my heart is doing fine. Blood pressure is a little higher than normal but the dangerous levels are a distant memory.

The picture you see above? It’s a device that monitors my heart. I have to wear this for the next 24 hours. Whenever I feel some sort of chest pain, I hold the button and record what I got going on.

So it’s almost like some sort of Life Alert thing. I’ve fallen. And I can’t get up.

Basically, the best-case scenario is that I wear this thing and nothing happens. I have to return this device tomorrow at noon.

It does feel weird wearing all these wires and this device on my body. I almost feel like the doctors can electrocute me anytime they want to.

As for my anxiety on the road? Still a tad difficult. I was riding with my friend, Nick, a few days ago and I freaked out when cars cut in front of us twice that night. Other drivers suck.

Back to the chiropractor tomorrow in addition to returning this device.

Oh, yeah. I have one more follow-up appointment to the cardiologist’s at the 29th. It’d be good to take care of everything related to this heart attack before the year ends.

Give me strength for 2018.

Thanks for all your support throughout this ordeal. It always feels good that I don’t feel like I’m going through this alone.


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