It’s been a while since I updated about my health.

Physical seems good. To some of you that have kept up with me on social media (mostly Twitter), you know that I’ve gone to the gym lately.

I have equipment at home. If anything, it’s enough for anyone to get a full workout in. The problem is that home is always distracting. So I decided to sign up at Planet Fitness earlier in the month, which was only just a block away. It was an easy drive for me. Driving still very much sucks to me so this was great.

Being at the gym every day sure beats being at a clinic. Part of me is trying to get that clinic phase out of my mind.

I decided to set goals in terms of how much I go to the gym. I decided not to look at numbers for now; the weight and inches loss should happen organically, right? And I know that I’ll slowly increase the heaviness of my workouts, too. But I don’t need to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger (MAYBE I DO) so I stuck with light weights. For now.

Anyway, I write on my marker board on my personal gym streak. I might miss a day at some point but why not set a goal on how many days in a row I can go? So that’s what I’m doing.

(I also give shoutouts and little messages.)

I initially had THREE DAYS as a goal. After all, I wanted to make sure I could achieve THAT. Then it became a week. Now I’m on TWO WEEKS. Good friend Anna Melissa went for 25 straight days so I will shoot for that at some point.

(That is nine straight days.)

I put up a status on FaceBook saying that I had gone eight straight days. I was hoping for a little encouragement but instead I got jokes about how I didn’t do anything (I know they meant well). I was miffed after I saw all the comments (I barely made it out of 2017 alive, people) so I used that as motivation. Thanks, I guess, guys.

Some of you know that I started writing again for Forum Blue & Gold. An opportunity opened up and I ended up covering the South Bay Lakers, the Los Angeles Lakers’ G-League (developmental league) affiliate.

It was quite fun even though the SB Lakers got demolished. Oh, well.

Before the car accident, I had set all these goals about the NBA season. Ultimately, I wanted to cover NBA All-Star Weekend since it’s here in Los Angeles. I was basically inactive (even though I did my best to write for my own site, The No-Look Pass) for a few months and I feel like it’s going to be tough for me to get in. It kind of sucks but I’m trying to be as optimistic as possible about this.

But I can only control certain aspects. For now, I’m just going to keep going to the gym and continue to work through my phobia of driving on the freeway. I don’t know how long it’ll take; maybe it’ll stay with me for the rest of my life.

That doesn’t mean I’m not going to keep fighting, though. I’m here to take back my life.

Here’s to good health.

Thanks for all the encouragement as always. I love you guys.