Rey-Rey Is Fundamental #16: We Are Warriors (ft. Snottie Drippen)

Welcome to the 16th episode of the Rey-Rey Is Fundamental (@ReyReyIsFun) podcast!

I am an NBA Blogger (writer or whatever you wanna call me); I am the guy that created The No-Look Pass. I mostly talk about NBA (I think) but this show is also for whatever interests me as well. I do know where my toast is buttered, though.

Former co-podcaster of mine, Snottie Drippen (@SnottieDrippen) of Hoops Critic, comes on the show to talk about NBA Conference Finals, sports fan behavior, and a bit about how Temecula has become a part of Twitter sports culture.

Adam Jacobi (@adam_jacobi) of Black Heart Gold Pants joins us as well and he continues his running segment called Story Time With Adam Jacobi. I know. You’re ready to cringe.

Thanks for listening, party people.


Top Of The Stairs by Skee-Lo
Harden Soul by James Harden
Happy Jingle by MC Serpnoid
Wonder’bout by Hikaru Utada (instrumental)


Zach Harper (@talkhoops) of CBS Sports
Shareef Jackson (@ShareefJackson), gamer


Joanne Piston Fan (@JoannePistonFan)


Angelica Raquid (@magicmoment32)

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