Rey-Rey Is Fundamental #56: This Is The Land (ft. Darrel Wilson)


This is the 56th episode of the Rey-Rey Is Fundamental (@ReyReyIsFun) podcast, part of the Happy Hour Network.

In this podcast, there is lots of NBA talk because I’m an NBA online writer and whatever else I want to throw in the mix like video games, other sports, anime, or just life in general. What I’m really saying is that this podcast… is fundamental.

Darrel Wilson (@SpitsGame) of SpitsGame.Com has been all around the place writing sports everywhere. We also went to the same high school (WE GOT BUC PRIDE). We praised the hell out of Game 7 of the NBA Finals. While we’re on that subject, I had Darrel tell me in the new Fundamental Power Rankings segment what his most memorable NBA Playoff moments are.

Thanks for the listen, guysh!


Top Of The Stairs by Skee-Lo
Wonder’bout by Hikaru Utada (instrumental)
Moments In Love by Art Of Noize
Straight Playin’ by Shaquille O’Neal
How’s It Gonna Be? by Third Eye Blind

Pamela Horton (@PamelaHorton13), Playboy‘s Miss October 2012 and host of Gamer Next Door
Gee Steelio (@GeeSteelio) of the Gee Steelio Sports Show
Alex Kennedy (@AlexKennedyNBA) of Basketball Insiders
Jaime Maggio (@jaimemaggio) of Time Warner Cable SportsNet


Angelica Raquid (@magicmoment32)

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