Rey-Rey Is Fundamental #62: Friction Reduction (ft. Snottie Drippen)


What is up, ladies, gentlemen, and animals? We are at the 62nd episode of the Rey-Rey Is Fundamental (@ReyReyIsFun) podcast, part of the Happy Hour Network.

This pod is usually all about the NBA talk because I’m an NBA online writer (The No-Look Pass!). But this show is really about whatever the heck we want whether it’s other sports, video games, anime, pop culture, social issues, life in general because this podcast is… fundamental.

James Holas AKA Snottie Drippen (@SnottieDrippen) of (among other NBA sites) stops by for a little NBA talk with me and Adam Jacobi (@Adam_Jacobi). First off, Adam talks about the Chicago Cubs WINNING THE WORLD SERIES. Then we talked about the important NBA topics like the Durant/Westbrook drama, Kawhi Leonard, Cleveland Cavaliers, and assigning WWE superstar characters/gimmicks to NBA players.

Before that NBA talk, though, E.J. Christian (@EJChristian7) of the Earnestly Speaking Podcast and Hot Hot Hoops stops by for the return of the old-school segment! We talked about the ways we used to listen and acquire music back in the day. You kids have it so easy, we swear.

Also, if you can take some time to check out Go Iowa Awesome as they partner once again with Iowa Touchdowns for Kids. This is a fundraising campaign that encourages Hawkeye fans to pledge whatever amount of money you want per touchdown scored by the University of Iowa during the regular season. So it would be great if you can donate. Thank you!

Thank you so much for the listen, guysh!


Top Of The Stairs by Skee-Lo
Wonder’bout by Hikaru Utada (instrumental)
Weak by SWV
Moments In Love by Art of Noise
Sexy Boy by Shawn Michaels


Matt Moore (@HPbasketball) of CBS Sports
Serena Winters (@SerenaWinters) of Lakers Nation
Robert Littal (@BSO) of Black Sports Online
T.J. Perkins (@MaskaraManik), WWE superstar


Angelica Raquid (@magicmoment32)

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